About Us

Mama’s bread has been active as industrial bakery since 2012. With Mama’s Bread as our brand name we’re specialized in producing fully baked off and deepfrozen sandwiches as well as deepfrozen pizza dough balls.

Our warehouse and offices are located on a central spot in Asse, Belgium.

Our values

Innovation and improving our quality and service are our biggest focus points. With a capacity of 100.000 sandwiches per day we’re a strong player in this market.

Where do we operate?

Mama’s Berad is active in 12 countries which include Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Bulgary, Romania. We even export to the Middle East which makes usa strongly represented international player. In those countries we mostly have partners in the Food sector.

Our mission

Mama’s Bread aims to start negotiations with all major European wholesalers in the food sector to expand our business to these wholesalers as well as all major European supermarket chains.

Mama’s Bread sandwiches own their success to:

  1. Extraordinary taste
  2. Short bite with a soft texture
  3. Constant optimalizations to improve quality
  4. Our production is not fully automatic which makes us semi-artisanal

Possibilities for major companies

Apart from our own brand Mama’s Bread, we also produce private / whitelabel for our customers who order in large quantities.



Mama's Bread was born. The start of 7 years bread-baking!



The first expansion couldn't be posponed any further after 2 years. Production was increased significantly with 4 times as much production and storageroom.



We've sold 1.000.000 sandwiches. Hooray!


Even bigger!?

In 2016 the production area moved location again because of a major lack in space. Today we're in a 7500 m² building on a plot of 25000 m² which allows for big future expansion.


100.000 every DAY?

We're now producing and delivering 100.000 sandwiches per day!



Since 2019 we're also active in the retail sector with our introduction into the Carrefour shelves in Belgium!
This is thanks to our long R&D phase with regards to packaging and production.

Discover our first-class products baked for you with love!